Our founding journey

Madhubani Painting: Artist Santosh Yashavi, Patna, Bihar

However, except for a handful, the rest of them are on the verge of extinction. The once-thriving community of artists in a village is now dwindled down to a couple of families fighting to keep the art alive.
We are a small group of art lovers, on a mission to revive thousands of years old traditional and tribal arts of India or folk arts of India.

First Tanjore Painting Sketch, 1992

This passion quickly transformed into a major initiative to revive Indian Folk Art and Artists. This initiative has now become our mission. In 2020, we officially registered the Indian Folk Art Gallery as a business entity in Australia and investing to build the largest online platform for Indian Folk Arts and Artists globally.

Tanjore Painting, Sri Venkatachalapahy, 2020

It’s encouraging to see a modern variant of Tanjore paintings being acquired by art collectors, created by highly-skilled and passionate non-traditional artists. However, these modern variant use alternative materials and methodologies. Whilst it’s important to grow modern methodologies, it’s imperative we also protect traditional artists and their methodologies.

Nishita Kumari, Patna, Bihar

Our Team