Public Voting For Lok Kala Ratna Award: How To Vote?

वोट करने के लिए चरण दर चरण निर्देश

Step by Step Instructions For Public Voting

Public Voting For Lok Kala Ratna Award

We are pleased to share that we received over 260 submissions for the Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021, 180 of which are qualified for the Lok Kala Ratna Award.

Judges are reviewing all the artworks and are in the process of scoring each artwork from the four competition groups.

Public voting plays an important role in helping judges pick the winners for the 2021 Lok Kala Ratna Award. We look forward for continued support from art lovers during the Public voting process.

The video goes through the process of viewing competition artworks and also provides information on how to vote for your favorite artwork.

Deadline for Public voting is 1st November 2021.

Please share the link with your friends and family to vote for your artwork.

If you need any assistance, please email us on

All the very best,

Senthil Vel

Founder and CEO

International Indian Folk Art Gallery