Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please see below list of frequently asked questions from participating artists. if you cannot find an answer to your question, please email We will endeavor to address them as quickly as possibly can

  1. Should I send my artwork, with Frame or without Frame?
    • (Answer): Preferably, all artworks needs to be send without frame.
  2. How should I pack to send my artwork?
    • (Answer):
      • For small paper and canvas artworks, they can be posted inside bubble envelope with hard cardboard support to ensure the artwork is not damaged
      • For medium and large size paper and canvas artworks, it is recommended to be rolled up in cardboard tube and sent.
      • For non-canvas artworks, including framed artworks, this needs to carefully packed and their are plenty of references available on the internet Here is the link for more details
  3. What’s delivery address for sending my artwork?
    • (Answer):
      • The delivery address in India is: Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021, International Indian Folk Art Gallery, 54/103, Santhome High Road, Foreshore Estate, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600028, India.
      • Alternatively, it can also be send to Australia: Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021, International Indian Folk Art Gallery, 24 Kotiko Rd, Keysborough, Victoria 3173, Australia
  4. What’s the last date for physical submission of artwork?
    • (Answer): All artwork must reach IIFAG Office on or before 15th October 2021, before technical judging process commences. Unless you have written permission for an extension from IIFAG.
  5. When will my artwork returned (loan period) after the competition?
    • (Answer):
      • Artworks that have not qualified for Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021, can be collected from our office anytime. Please email 
      • Artworks that has not been shortlisted as “Finalist”, can be collected from our office after 1st November 2021. Please email 
      • All “finalists” will be shortlisted for display and sale at our online and selected offline exhibitions. These offline exhibitions are planned in India and Australia, in such instances, IIFAG will frame them for display and sale. “Finalist” artworks, but which have not won a prize can be collected from our office after 30th June 2022. Please email 
      • All prize-winning artwork will be acquired by IIFAG as per competition guidelines and will not be returned to the artist.
  6. How will I know if my artwork has been shortlisted as one of the Finalist?
    • (Answer): IIFAG will provide regular update on the status of the artworks to all artists, via e-mail and same information will be available on the website, Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021 Update
  7. How will be my artwork returned back after the competition?
    • (Answer): All unsold and non-winning artworks, IIFAG will return the artwork in the same way it was received, artist must organise for collection of their respective artworks with clear instructions and mode of shipment.
  8. Who will pay for shipping my artwork?
    • (Answer): All shipping costs “to and from” IIFAG office is the responsibility of participating artists. IIFAG will not be responsible for damages during transportation. IIFAG will support in packing and coordinate return of the artworks as per written instructions of the artist.
  9. Will IIFAG compensate for any damages to my artwork?
    • (Answer): IIFA will insure the artwork after delivery and before collection from our office. In case of any damage while in possession, the artist will be compensated to the value of the artwork, exclusive of tax and commission, as determined by the insuring agency.
  10. When should I send my video for evidence?
    • (Answer): All artworks shortlisted by judges as “Finalist” are required to provide evidence that the artwork was done by them. IIFA will contact “Finalist” by email on or before 1st November 2021 to submit their videos.
  11. What happens if I have not taken videos?
    • (Answer): Artists must provide sufficient evidence to prove that their submitted artwork is their own creation. If they are unable to do so, the IIFAG has the right to disqualify their artwork from the competition.
  12. What’s the loan period for my artwork?
    • (Answer): Refer Answer# 5.
  13. If you sell my artwork, how much commission I have to give IIFAG?
    • (Answer): When IIFAG sells the artwork online, the commission is 10%, plus 3% bank charges. If the artwork is sold offline via gallery, the commission will depend on the gallery. The details will be provided to all “finalists” by email to help price their artwork accordingly.
  14. How to vote in the competition?
    • (Answer): The voting process will start on October 15th, 2021 and end on November 1st, 2021. Details of the voting process will be sent to participating artists via email, information will also be available on our website and posted in social media.
  15. How will judges score my artwork?
    • (Answer): All three judges will score the artwork independently, according to the competition guidelines. For detailed explanation, watch the full interview with judges, click here >>
  16. Where is the exhibition planned?
    • (Answer): The artwork will be available for sale online at our International Indian Folk Art Gallery website, and also offline at Mumbai, India and Melbourne, Australia. The offline events are planned in 2022 and are subject to approval from local authorities. More details will be available on our website, before 1st Jan 2022.
  17. What happens if I have not paid my entry fee for competition?
    • (Answer): If an artist does not pay the entry fee for the competition, IIFA may disqualify that artwork. However, if the artist can provide evidence that they cannot afford to pay the entry fee, IIFA may accept the artwork on compassionate grounds.
  18. What documentation will be needed once we are shortlisted?
    • (Answer):
      • Short listed participants will be need provide proof of their age (any government issued document is acceptable)
      • All shortlisted artist will be required to provide their recent photo to publish their name and photo on the website and social media.
      • Professional artists needs to provide evidence of their business or Artisan Id Card