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PATTERN MANDALA, (27.5 x 21cm)

₹ 3000 Each, Artist Mrs. Haripriya Narasimhan
Her art journey started when she was a small child.
Her inspiration was her mom, who, drew a lot of wonderful Rangoli…then she started doing pottery paintings along with it.
Haripriya did a lot of sari designs….then she had a long break ,then she started doing these amazing mandala art works.

“Pattern is the creation of an experience. It’s also the process of the said creation and how well it’s organized. On top of that, pattern is the result, i.e. the things we see, hear, and feel”

– Artist Mrs. Haripriya Narasimhan

Indian Folk Art – Mandala Art

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that can translate to “circle” or “discoid object.” These geometric designs have deep symbolic meaning in Hindu & Buddhist cultures.

Mandalas are representations of various aspects of our universe which are used as instruments of meditation. They are also symbols of prayer, most notably in the East Asian countries, China, Japan and Tibet

Around 560 BC, Gautama became increasingly aware of human suffering and left his kingdom in order to attain enlightenment through meditation and thoughtful action.

Buddha preached his philosophy across parts of India and established the first sangha, a Buddhist community of monks. According to legend, Buddha began preaching his philosophy across parts of India, where he attracted followers and eventually established the first Buddhist community of monks.

We first learn about mandalas through the travels of Buddhist monks who shared practical, moral pursuits with others. Through them, it spread to other Asian regions including Tibet, China, and Japan by the 4th century.

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Indian Folk Art - What is it?

One of the few forms of entertainment in ancient India was folk arts. Indian Folk arts are culturally based art forms that are handed down through generations. These traditional Indian folk arts include music, dancing, puppetry, storytelling, and much more. International Indian Folk Art Gallery mainly focuses on visual arts.

Indian Folk art is a term that refers to the artwork of people who are not professional artists, such as painters or sculptors, and is often created in isolation. The term can refers to Indian Folk art in general.  No formal qualification is required to produce Indian Folk art, and the style of work reflects the culture from which it originates.

India has always been a melting pot of cultures and traditions. It is also one of the few places in the world that have preserved centuries-old Indian Folk art through its heritage and vibrant culture.

The Indian government has taken many initiatives to keep this rich cultural traditional Indian Folk art alive. They are making it easier for future generations to access this heritage which will help diversify the country’s culture even more. However, government alone cannot stop the extinction of these traditional Indian Folk art forms without support from every Indian, living in India or abroad.

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India is a beautiful land that portrayed cultural and traditional vibrancy through its conventional arts and crafts for over 3000 years. The 35 states and union territories across the country have their own distinct cultural and traditional identities and are displayed through various forms of art prevalent there.

Every region in India has its own style and pattern of art, which is known as Folk Art. There are over 50 Folk Arts in India, they are very ethnic and simple, and yet colourful and vibrant enough to speak volumes about the country’s rich heritage. Many are on the verge of extinction. Please read the full article here >>

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