Free Indian Folk Art Tutorials – GURUKULAM

Free Indian Folk Art Tutorials – GURUKULAM GURUKULAM, School for Indian Folk Art! Looking for Free Indian Folk Art tutorials to try this amazing art form? Love Indian Folk Art? Want to learn with the best value for money? Want to Learn Indian Folk Art? Want to Learn Online? Want to Learn at your own convenience? Want to learn from […]
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Young Indian Folk Artist 2021 – Awards Presentation [19-Jun]

Young Indian Folk Artist 2021 – Awards Presentation The three-month International Children’s competition in pursuit of the hidden gems has now ended. The Judges had a very tough time in picking the winner. Please join us to see the winners of Young Indian Folk Artist 2021. Special thanks to all the art lovers, who took their time to review children’s […]
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Public Voting : Young Indian Folk Artist 2021

Public Voting: Young Indian Folk Artist 2021, International Children’s Art Competition   Many thanks to all the Children and parents supporting “Young Indian Folk Artist, 2021”. This is an international competition for children to showcase Indian Folk Art to the world and help revive this beautiful Indian culture and heritage. Very pleased to see so many children and their families […]
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Tanjore painting USA

Krishna Tanjore painting
Tanjore painting USA Tanjore Painting in the USA is in great demand, especially for an online store that sells Tanjore paintings created by artists from, India. The International Indian Folk Art Gallery, an online store also offers various other artwork such as customized paintings with wooden frames, small, large paintings along with many Indian Folk Art. visit our website […]
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Tanjore paintings near me

Tanjore paintings near me Tanjore paintings near me are searched every day, I have browsed different websites, it’s like hopping from one showroom to another, but with a click of a button and less than a minute, at the comfort of your home. You can understand the detail of every painting, I could just sit and look as long as […]
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Rediscovering Cheriyal Scroll Painting, A dying Indian Folk Art

Cheriyal Painting
Rediscovering Cheriyal Scroll Painting This blog has all the basic and important principles of painting like chamka or the medium, the number of colours to be used, preparation of medium, brush making etc. Basic Principles of scroll painting like Chamka This blog will help students and art lovers understanding the basics, origins and fundamentals of Cheriyal Myth and Facts on […]
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Launching International Indian Folk Art Gallery, Indian Operations

It takes great pleasure in announcing the official launch of the International Indian Folk Art Gallery for Indian Operations, based out of Chennai, India. Mrs Samundeeswari Venkatachalapahy, as the CEO, will head the Indian operations. India is a host to over 50 traditional folk arts, these folk art have been passed on from generations to generations. However, except a handful, […]
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Mrs. Samundeeswari Venkatachalapathy

Mrs. Samundeeswari Venkatachalapathy. Art is an integral part of my life. In school years it was performing arts, Bharatanatyam later it was Veena and Carnatic vocal. My father worked as Joint Director in Department of Agriculture. We lived in several small towns and villages across Tamil Nadu. This gave me an opportunity to observe the customs of the community and […]
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