Bangalore 2022, Indian Art Exhibition: Endangered Folk Arts Of India, Exhibition & Workshop

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“Bangalore 2022, Indian Art Exhibition: Endangered Folk Arts of India” – A grand Success!

Bangalore 2022, Indian Art Exhibition in July was an eventful and mind-blowing experience for IIFAG and art lovers from India. We hosted the largest Indian Folk Art Exhibition and workshop as part of “Endangered Folk Arts of India” international roadshow.

Bangalore 2022, Indian Art Exhibition event was inaugurated by the Chief guest Mr. V. Ramanathan, General Manager, TRIFED, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, along with other honourable personalities as Mr. R Venkatesh, Vice Chairman, BJP BMTC – Karnataka, Mr. A.B. Shetty, Chairman, All India Bank Officers Association, Mr. Bama Harish, President , Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, Chitrakar Sadashiv Kulkarni, Teacher, Artist, Director Kalasprasha, Mumbai, Prof. K.S Appajaiah, General Secretary, Karnataka CKP, Dr. M.S. Murthy, former Chairman, State Lalithakala, Academy. Govt of Karnataka, Mr. T S Prasad, Director – Operations, Sandeep & Gitanjali, Maini Foundation, Vidwan Vivek Sadashivam, Carnatic Vocal, Mr. Bhrigu K. R. Sharma, Principal, Bangalore, School Of Visual Arts, Ms Manisha Jha, National Awardee, Mithila Artist.

The guests and artists were honored by Mr. and Mrs. Senthil Vel, Founder and CEO of International Indian Folk Art Gallery (IIFAG), Australia, who also bestowed shawls, bouquets, and traditional gifts.

Mr. V. Ramanathan, Mr. R Venkatesh, Mr. A.B. Shetty, Mr. Bama Harish, addressed the audience and emphasized on the speech of how important it is to protect the traditional Indian folk artists and our rich and diverse culture of the Indian folk art.

The artists of the paintings displayed were also invited. They travelled from different parts of India. The visitors got the chance of coming and appreciating the paintings, as well as, recognizing and meeting the artists.

The International Indian Folk Art Gallery (IIFAG) curated over 400 selected artefacts from all over India, from a variety of ages. These include children from the age of 6 to 18, as well as amateur and professional artists.

IIFAG also hosted free workshops for interested art lovers and students during this four-day event. IIFAG’s mission is to propagate the beauty of Indian Folk Art across the globe and to continue the tradition of teaching the next generation.

“Endangered Folk Arts of India” – Art Event at Bangalore, India

Bangalore 2022: Art Exhibition Open for Public June 16th – 19th, 2022.
Exhibition Location: Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath | , Art Complex, 1, Kumarakrupa Rd, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Open to Public: Thursday – Sunday | 10am to 7:00pm

International Indian Folk Art Gallery (IIFAG) is an Australian art organisation with deep Indian roots, conceived with the singular goal to highlight the beauty of endangered Indian Folk Arts while building a cross-cultural connection with Australian art lovers.

Largest Indian Folk Art Exhibition & Sale

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Indian Folk Art forms are ancient and versatile. There are more than fifty traditional folk arts indigenous and unique to India, each style distinct and originating from various states and territories across India. These traditional arts are over 3000 years old and their survival has been solely dependent on artisans and their small communities passing knowledge down from one generation to the next. Today, some of these Indian Folk Arts are sadly on the verge of extinction due to;

  1. Lack of awareness of these beautiful artworks and limited support for artists
  2. industrial and economic pressure to prioritize alternative careers to the arts in India
  3. diminishing numbers of artisans still practicing and propagating the artform
  4. artform being contained within India with no exposure directed towards art lovers internationally

IIFAG are hosted their first Endangered Folk Arts Of India event in Mumbai in Feb 2022, followed by Australian event in St Kilda in May and now, Bangalore 2022, the largest Exhibition and workshop at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bengaluru.

More exhibitions planned in Australia, USA and other part of the world.

World's Longest Pattachitra Painting

Bangalore 2022: On Spotlight!

Pattachitra painting is a traditional Indian folk art of Odisha that’s been around for centuries. It was originally used for rituals and as mementos to pilgrims.

The paintings of Odisha can be divided into three broad categories from the point of view of medium, i.e. paintings on cloth or ‘Patta Chitra’, paintings on walls or ‘Bhitti Chitra’ and palm leaf engravings or “Tala Patra Chitra’ or “Pothi, Chitra’.

International Indian Folk Art Gallery, Australia will be presenting World’s longest Pattachitra Painting, completed in 35 days on Tussar Silk by a group of highly skilled Pattachitra artists from Odisha. The project was completed in partnership with Dedicated To People,  a registered national level N.G.O from Puri, Odisha.

This absolutely gorgeous painting will depict the complete story of Sri Krishna, painted in 14 segments in a very unique temple design.

Largest Indian Folk Art Workshops – Absolutely Free!

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IIFAG will be displaying over 400 selective and unique artefacts from all over the Indian subcontinent. These include artwork in the styles of Madhubani, Bhil, Gond, Warli, Pichwai, Pothi Chitra (palm leaf engraving), Tanjore, Pattachitra, Cheriyal scroll paintings, and more.

In addition to curating these artworks, IIFAG is also hosting workshops for interested art lovers and students during these four days. The workshop will be headed by Chitrakar Sri Sadashiv Kulkarni

  1. Phad Painting Artist Abhishek Joshi
  2. Warli Painting – Artist Anita Dalavi
  3. Pattachitra Painting – Artist Sushant Maharana
  4. Kangra Painting – Artist Vandana Rajan
  5. Pichwai Painting – Artist Daulat Ram
  6. Madhubani Painting – Artist Avdhesh Kumar Karn
  7. Gond Painting Artist Raman Singh Vyam
  8. Bhil Painting – Artist Shanta Bhuriya
  9. Chittara Painting – Artist Amruthavarshini & Nandita Neige

Meet Our Workshop Guru Ji's

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