Tanjore Painting Cost & How To Identify Genuine Traditional Tanjore Paintings?

Interview with Senthil Vel Tanjore Painting Cost

Tanjore Painting Cost – What influences it?

It might be little tricky to understand why Tanjore painting costs vary. One of the reasons for this is that different methods are used when painting. There are two main methods; One is what traditional artists use and then there is the method that modern painters use.

90% of Tanjore paintings are not created the traditional way but are claimed to be made that way. This is probably due to their lack of knowledge or an intentional misleading on the part of some sellers.

Butter Krishna, Traditional Tanjore Painting, Artist Senthil Vel

Traditional Tanjore paintings are few and far between these days. Making Tanjore paintings in the old way is a very time-intensive process and increases Tanjore painting costs significantly, and as such most traditional artists cannot make a living from this work.

While contemporary Tanjore painting has evolved to cater to buyers by using readily available materials and reducing Tanjore painting cost, it’s unfair to those traditional artists who still follow the tradition, Especially, the Raja / Raju family of Thanjavur.

Unfortunately, most buyers and students do not know what they are buying, as both traditional paintings and contemporary versions look similar from the outside.

Through this journal, we hope to provide some insight into the main differences between traditional Tanjore paintings and contemporary ones. Although both are genuine & beautiful Tanjore paintings, only one is a traditional Tanjore painting

Watch the full interview with Senthil Vel, Founder – International Indian Folk Art Gallery, who explains the main differences between traditional Tanjore painting and contemporary modern methodology.

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