Meet Mr. Arumugam, Tanjore Painting Artist

Mr Arumugam is a traditional Tanjore painting artist, born in Karaikudi Tamil Nadu. He learnt Tanjore painting from his uncle Mr. Baktavatsalam, who is very well known legendary artist.

Mr. Arumugam has been involved in creating Tanjore painting since 1985, now his son Ganesh and daughter Rojadevi has also taken up Tanjore painting and they join him in creating absolutely beautiful artwork, specializing in gold and stone works. Mr. Arumugam and family are best known for their “antique style” Tanjore paintings.

We feel very privileged in helping them set up their own online gallery, Ganesh Art Gallery []

We wish Mr. Arumugam and family all the very best,

Senthil Vel

International Indian Folk Art Gallery, Australia

7 comments on “Meet Mr. Arumugam, Tanjore Painting Artist

Thank you very much sir highlighting the talent of a common man from Karaikudi and bringing him to the lime light. This article will be of much help to him to market his products. Thank you Mr.Senthil.

Really amazing antique paintings. Highly recommended.

antique style” Tanjore paintings are very nice.

Mr. Arumugam’s Tanjore paintings are unique in style and texture… Amazingly wonderful…

Awesome information

Awesome information

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