Meet Mr.Senthil Kumar, A Tanjore and Mysore Painting Master Craftsman

Mr Senthil Kumar, born in Akkur, in a small town Tamil Nadu. Senthil loved drawing from a very early age. Studied Tanjore painting at Kumara Raja Muttiah School of Arts, in Chennai, a three-year course. Introduced to him, by his mentor and family friend, Mr.G. Ramu, who is also an artist and schoolmaster)

Senthil also worked in Singapore for a few years, working for Art Director, learning all the modern techniques in painting.

Senthil creates a very unique “Antique style” of Tanjore paintings, involving specially selected teakwood, instead of plywood. Also, uses a special mixer called “pallu poochi” for relief work to create a unique antique finish. He claims this process provides a very long life to his paintings.

Senthil also does Mysore paintings, he learnt from his guru Shri J.Dundaraja in Bangalore, he has been creating beautiful Mysore paintings since 2015. I personally feel, his Mysore paintings are absolutely amazing, its a very rare skill and sadly only very few artists practise this stunning art form.

We had great pleasure in working with him in setting up his personal online art gallery, Senthil Art and Crafts to display and sell his beautiful Mysore and Tanjore paintings, please check it out!

Wishing him all the very best for the future,

Senthil Vel

International Indian Folk Art Gallery

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Very proud to be one from Akkur

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