Free Indian Folk Art Tutorials – GURUKULAM

Free Indian Folk Art Tutorials – GURUKULAM

GURUKULAM, School for Indian Folk Art!
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Welcome to Gurukulam!

Gurukulam offers FREE Indian Folk Art tutorials along with Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Indian Folk Art courses. Gurukulam, is our World-Class Self Learning management Platform for art students, for anyone who wants to learn Indian Folk Art. We add new and exciting courses every month. We bring in very high-quality courses and experienced Teachers (Guru) to build courses for our future students and Indian Folk Artists.


The platform has been integrated with the state of art learning management system to deliver university-style online and offline art workshops. You can enroll for any course, keep track of your progress, interact with your Guru and other fellow students through forums. All students get a course completion certificate.


We have built Gurukulam, a platform to support and grow our Indian folk art and artists. The platform allows over 50 different traditional folk art styles of India to collaborate in one digital space. We want this to be the home for all the Indian Folk Arts, anyone can come to Gurukulam to learn and experience the beauty of Indian Folk Art. Our small initiative to pass Indian Folk Art to the next generation!


Each Teacher (Guru Ji) has their own personal online training school and art gallery with unique branding. We encourage the artist to run their own training classes on Indian folk arts to help transfer knowledge and skills. If you are an experienced Indian Folk Artist and want to join Gurukulam, please contact


Inviting Indian Folk artists and Art lovers to join the movement to revive our thousands of years old beautiful heritage.


This is the beginning of our long journey to recognize Indian Folk Art on the world map!




Senthil Vel

Founder – International Indian Folk Art Gallery


Try our Free tutorials before you buy serious courses. Click the below video on how to Enroll for FREE Courses!

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