Young Indian Folk Artist 2021 – Awards Presentation [19-Jun]

Young Indian Folk Artist 2021 – Awards Presentation

The three-month International Children’s competition in pursuit of the hidden gems has now ended. The Judges had a very tough time in picking the winner. Please join us to see the winners of Young Indian Folk Artist 2021.

Special thanks to all the art lovers, who took their time to review children’s artworks and voted their preferred winners. We had over 4300 public votes and this process has helped us a lot in picking the winners.

The event was broadcast on 19th June 2021 @ 5 pm IST via

  1. Facebook Livestreaming event and
  2. Premiered on YouTube.

Exhibition: View All Children’s Artwork [click here]

The Winners List

Based on competition guidelines, The prizes will be given in the following categories. The winner’s list will be published here post-presentation (19th June 2021). The winners will receive cash prizes, certificate of recognition, free access to our online gallery.

Category 1

Madhubani Painting

  • 1st Prize – Lavanya Gaur [INR 20,000]
  • 2nd Prize – Dhia Nakaraj [INR 10,000]
  • 3rd Prize – Ameya Rose Rohit [INR 5000]
Category 2

Gond Painting

  • 1st Prize – Anvi Kalothia [INR 20,000]
  • 2nd Prize – Shivani Ramesh [INR 10,000]
  • 2nd Prize – Sree Vaidehi Ramesh [INR 10,000]
Category 3

Warli, Kerala Mural, Kalighat, Cheriyal, Chitrakathi, Kalamkari, Mata Ni Pachedi, Rajasthani Painting

  • 1st Prize – Aditya Anand [INR 20,000]
  • 2nd Prize – Vanshika Gajjala [INR 10,000]
  • 3rd Prize – Bala Aniksanth Sudharsan [INR 5000]
Category 4

Indian Folk Themes

  • 1st Prize – Pranav Gaur [INR 10,000]
  • 2nd Prize – Komal Walimbe [INR 5000]
  • 3rd Prize – Samruddhi Dhat [INR 2500]
Category 5

Public Favorite PaintingSashank Vutukuri [INR 2500]

Category 6

Youngest Indian Folk Artist

  • Artist 1 – Isali Rathnaweera [INR 1000]
  • Artist 2 – Veda V Nair [INR 1000]
Category 7

Top 5 Finalists based on Judge scoring in Category 1, 2 and 3.

  • Artist 1 – Harsha Manimaran [INR 1000]
  • Artist 2 – Aareen Dutta Majumder [INR 1000]
  • Artist 3 – Divyanshi Jain [INR 1000]
  • Artist 4 – Ishita Golash [INR 1000]
  • Artist 5 – Shreya Sriram [INR 1000]
  • Artist 6 – Dhairya Gaur [INR 1000]

Bonus prize for all winners [2500 Voucher]

Winners can choose to learn one the following Indian Folk Arts from our Gurukulam platform

  1. True Stories Behind Warli Paintings, Part 1
  2. True Stories Behind Warli Paintings, Part 2
  3. Kalighat Painting For Beginners
  4. Meenakari Painting For Beginners
  5. The Old Way of Tanjore Painting, 5 Week Program

Next: Children’s Day – International Indian Folk Art Competition 2021:

Our Next Children’s Art Competition will start in August and winners will be announced on Nov 14th, aligning with Children’s Day celebrations. International Indian Folk Artist 2021

The Purpose

Young Indian Folk Artist 2021 is an international children’s art competition and online exhibition for all budding young artists, presented by International Indian Folk Art Gallery (IIFAG) Australia and India. IIFAG Australia is in pursuit of hidden gems to revive Indian Folk Art and artists around the world.

India is a host to over 40 traditional folk arts. These folk arts have been passed on from generation to generation for over 3000 years. However, except for a handful, the rest of these art forms are on the verge of extinction. The once-thriving community of artists has now dwindled to a couple of families fighting to keep the art alive.

We, at International Indian Folk Art Gallery, want to make a difference.

We have built a platform to support and grow our Indian folk art and artists. The platform allows over 40 different traditional folk art styles of India to collaborate in one digital space.

Each artist will have their own personal gallery, URL, and branding. We also encourage the artist to run their own training classes on Indian folk arts to help transfer knowledge and skills. The platform has been integrated with state-of-the-art learning management systems for delivering university-style online and offline art workshops. This is the beginning of our long journey to recognize Indian Folk Art on the world map!


We see children as the key to bringing this change and help revive Indian Folk Art for the next generation. This is an exciting opportunity for teachers and children to be part of this beautiful journey. Explore 3000 years old Indian Folk Art history and culture with family, friends, and fellow art lovers.

Not to mention, what a fantastic way to spend school holidays with family!

We would like to thank all the kids, parents, and teachers who participated and made our, Young Indian Folk Artist 2021, a big success.

All the very best and hope you can join us to see the awards being presented to winners of Young Indian Folk Artist 2021.

Senthil Vel

Founder & CEO

International Indian Folk Art Gallery

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