Subhashini Maniam

Perth, AustraliaSubhashini ManiamCurator, Artist, Coach, Entrepreneur, Promoter
Being a third generation artist in the family comes with a lot of perks and responsibilities. Drawing and painting has always been part of my life. Growing up in Chennai where everyone recognised me for what my grandfather ‘Kalki’ Maniam and my father Maniam Selven (Ma Se) did professionally made me feel special however I started questioning what my legacy will be.

After high school, I studied Fine Arts : Drawing & Painting from Stella Maris College, Chennai which seemed like a natural choice for undergrad. I got married, migrated to Singapore and started my family. Realising the purpose of my life came much after marriage and children. After almost a decade, I pursued my Masters Degree in Contemporary art practice from University of Huddersfield, UK & Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. I combined my two interests – music and painting for this research study. I believe this journey helped me to understand myself more and identify my calling. Since then, I have been learning, teaching and sharing my experience in art with others at local art centres and teach Indian Carnatic music at Saraswathy Mahavidhyala / Temple of Fine Arts.

The AEE in Singapore

We moved to Perth, Australia in 2014 and then on, I have been practicing and teaching Drawing & Painting at local art centres and Indian Carnatic music at Saraswathy Mahavidhyala / Temple of Fine Arts.

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