Sandhya Raghu

Mumbai, IndiaSandhya RaghuArtist, Promoter

Short Background

I’m Sandhya, a law graduate, staying in Mumbai and working from home for an appraiser in the US. I had a keen interest in art and in my younger days had learnt a lot of art and craft.  I had to give it up due to a heavy work schedule.

I had a keen interest in learning painting and it was always in my bucket list – never had an opportunity to do it though as I was busy with the job and my growing-up boys.

Whilst this lockdown has been very gloomy, it has given me an opportunity to pursue my passion for painting. Mr Senthil came up with this fantastic plan to teach Tanjore Painting online – he is a great, patient and wonderful teacher.

I have been happy pursuing Tanjore painting under the guidance of Mr Senthil and plan to work further on my skills even after the current project comes to an end.