Indian Folk Art Ambassadors To The World

Indian Folk Art Ambassadors

Indian Folk Art Ambassadors

Very proud to share our 14 champions from our Young Indian Folk Artist 2021 competition, who have come accepted the challenge to be the Indian Folk Art Ambassadors to promote Indian Folk Art to the world.

  1. Master Aareen Dutta Majumder
  2. Miss Akshita GS
  3. Miss Ishita Golash
  4. Miss Komal Walimbe
  5. Miss Lavanya Gaur
  6. Miss. Monicka Sivashankar
  7. Miss Vaidehi Ramesh
  8. Miss Shivani Ramesh
  9. Miss. Veda V Nair
  10. Miss Samruddhi Dhat
  11. Master Surya Chandramohan
  12. Miss. Vaaruni Bhargava
  13. Miss. Vanshika Gajjala
  14. Miss Shree Sahitya

I’ve shared our Indian Folk Art Ambassador’s personal video message (scroll down) to all the art lovers of the world. Hope you will find it inspiring!


India is a host to over 40 traditional folk arts. These folk arts have been passed on from generation to generation for over 3000 years. However, except for a handful, the rest of these art forms are on the verge of extinction. The once-thriving community of artists is now dwindled down to a couple of families fighting to keep the art alive.

We, at International Indian Folk Art Gallery wants to make a difference.

Our vision is to pass Indian Folk Art to the next generation.

As a home for Indian Folk Art and Crafts, we wish the build the largest collections of folk art in our gallery and the largest online school for Indian Folk Art in our Gurukulam.

We at, International Indian Folk Art Gallery have three core missions.

1. Dignified living: Provide an opportunity to underprivileged Indian folk artists to promote and sell their artwork for sustainable living. To date, we have provided free online art galleries to over 230 artists

2. Knowledge transfer: Capture skills to create beautiful Indian Folk Art and transfer knowledge to the next generation through free and paid training, offered through our Gurukulam, state of art online learning management system. For underprivileged artists, we help set up their own personal ” Online Gurukulam” at no additional costs. We have over 36 courses and we continue to add more every month.

3. Identify talent and recognize them through International Indian Folk Art Competition.

Young Indian Folk Artist 2021 is an international children’s art competition and online exhibition for all budding young artists, presented by International Indian Folk Art Gallery (IIFAG) Australia and India.

We recently hosted a “Young Indian Folk Artist 2021” competition for children, a humble beginning to encourage kids to learn more about our Indian Folk Art and help promote awareness. For the competition, we have over 4000 public votes and three judges to help pick the winner.

We would like to thank all the kids, parents, and teachers who participated and made our, Young Indian Folk Artist 2021, a big success. Incase you missed it, please see link to the competition results and presentation

Further, from 15th August – 30th September, we will inviting applications for Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021, we are now in pursuit to identify “World’s best Indian Folk Artist“. This competition is open to children, youth, amateur, and professionals. If you are an Indian Folk Artist, join us in this challenge. Click here to learn more about the competition!

Please join me in congratulating our 14 Young Indian Folk Art Ambassadors To The World ! Please do listen to their message leave your comments below. Appreciated,

Thank you

Senthil Vel

Founder – International Indian Folk Art Gallery

Message From Our Young Ambassadors Of Indian Folk Art

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