Public Voting : Young Indian Folk Artist 2021

Public Voting: Young Indian Folk Artist 2021, International Children’s Art Competition


Many thanks to all the Children and parents supporting “Young Indian Folk Artist, 2021”. This is an international competition for children to showcase Indian Folk Art to the world and help revive this beautiful Indian culture and heritage. Very pleased to see so many children and their families and friends being part of this journey.

We have on display some absolutely beautiful paintings from children, ages 9 -15. It was been very tough for our judges to score each artwork.

Our Judging Panel

We have received 125 artworks, of which 67 artworks were qualified. The review and scoring of each artwork has been carried out by our panel of three judges

  1. Mr. Sadashiv Kulkarni Ji
  2. Mrs. Vandana Rajan Ji
  3. Mrs. Subhashini Manian Ji

Quick summary and update

  • 83 child artists participated in the 2021 Young Indian Folk Artist competition
  • In total, we have received 125 artworks
  • Unfortunately, 54 artworks had to be rejected as they were deemed not appropriate for the competition [These children will be notified in the separate email]
  • 57 Artworks complied to Indian Folk Art categories
  • We had no artwork submission for Chitrakathi Painting
  • Six children could not pay the enrolment fees, however, they have been accepted on compassionate grounds
  • Gond painting and Madhubani painting had the highest amount of entries, 18 & 17 respectively [These entries will be named Group A]
  • 22 Artworks, didn’t have enough artists in their respective categories and technically do not qualify for prizes. But the judging panel on compassionate grounds has accepted these entries. [These entries will be named Group B]
  • We also had 14 artwork submitted by children, that were not part of the ten assigned categories. But the judging panel on compassionate grounds have accepted these entries [These entries will be named Group C]

Update on Competition Prizes

  1. Winners of Group A, Gond, and Madhubani painting will receive INR 20,000 each (awarded to the parent, on the behalf of Child)
  2. The winner of Group B will receive INR 10,000 (awarded to the parent, on the behalf of Child)
  3. The winner of Group C will receive INR 5,000 (awarded to the parent, on the behalf of Child)
  4. In addition, Group A, B, and C will receive a second prize

Judging Process

  1. All three judges have now completed the scoring and provided feedback.
  2. This score will be reconciled after the Public voting process is concluded.
  3. All qualified artists will be now be required to send their artwork to the nominated address before 5th June 2021. The details will be communicated directly to all participants.
  4. Public voting will close on 12th June 2021
  5. All potential finalist will be contacted directly by email and will be required to send video evidence by email, before 14th June 2021
  6. Post verification, final scoring, and winners will be live-streamed via Facebook and YouTube. The link will be sent to all participants and registered users.

Next Step – Public Voting

Please watch the below video on how to cast your vote as part of the “Public Voting Process” and help pick our winners

  1. Visit
  3. Log in (Existing Users) or Register (New Users)
  5. Click “Image (Bird) Young Indian Folk Artist 2021”
  6. Select Children’s artwork, give your scores (stars) and feedback
  7. Submit your vote
  8. Repeat this for as many children’s artwork as possible.

Thank you again for your support,

Senthil Vel

Founder & Indian Folk Artist

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Excellent idea to encourage public towards attention to art and voting process

Excellent drawings

Good work at this age



Encouraging Indian Art really appreciated

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