Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021 – Meet The Panel Of Judges

Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021 (लोक कला रत्न पुरस्कार)

Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021 (लोक कला रत्न पुरस्कार) for world’s best Indian folk artist.  After the successful hosting of the International Children’s Art Competition, Young Indian Folk Artist 2021, International Indian Folk Art Gallery (IIFAG) continues its pursuit to identify hidden & gifted talent to revive Indian Folk Art and Artists around the world.

Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021, is an Annual International Indian Folk Art competition and online exhibition for all Indian Folk Artists and presented by IIFAG Australia. The competition is open to all citizens of the world.

The Panel Of Judges

The qualified entries will be passed on to the three highly respectable judges for their review, scoring, and picking the winners. Very pleased to present the panel of judges for the Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021, International Indian Folk Art competition.

Also, see the Interview with a panel of judges discussing the process to pick winners for Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021

Full interview: Saturday, 21st August 2021, 4pm, IST

Chitrakar Mr. Sadashiv Kulkarni

Alumni of the JJ school of art. VITI in textile designing Well-known art teacher with over 33 yrs of teaching experience He has given his expertise as a Textile designer on projects in Karnataka Surat Ahmedabad. As a sculptor at O P Nayyar memorial, Thane, rambhau mhalgi memorial thane, international airport Mumbai, also In designing Tejorath.

Interior designer of many projects for satisfied IAS and IPS officers. Conducts regularly 4 – 5 days workshops. He has designed cover illustrations and blurbs for many books, ICSE Marathi textbooks. Editor of Nitya Nava Kala Sparsh, a bimonthly magazine.

Sadashiv Ji is the decorator of the famous Ganesh mandala judge of decoration competitions organized by TMC, and political parties. His artwork has been up included in many exhibitions. He works in many Indian Folk Styles including but not limited to 1. Warli painting 2. Madhubani painting 3. Pichwai cloth painting 4. Gond art 5. Lippan art 6. Rogan art 7. Mandana art 8. Miniature painting 9. Minakari furnace work 10. Hand-made clay work 11. Mask making 12. Sanjhi art 13. Tikuli art 14. Sumi-e Japanese. 15. Tanjore art with golden foil.

Sadashiv Ji has designed the model of an international airport, named after pioneer pilot JRD Tata and has exhibited in Kolhapur, Mumbai, and Kokan Done 55 book as Kalasparsha publication He has been awarded the prestigious Thane Ratna Puraskar 2017 Sevaratna puraskar 2018 Show at Jahangir art gallery 6/2018 Show at the club 2019 BMC heritage advisory conservative committee member.

Mrs. Vandana Rajan, B.A; BFA, MFA (Painting), BHU, B.Ed (Hindi)

Over 25 years experience as an artist and teacher, always keen to learn and share. She has worked in all mediums including but not limited to Oil, Water, Pencil, Charcoal, Acrylic, Fabric, Glass painting, Relief work. Embossing on Aluminum sheet. 40 different types of Embroidery on cloth, silk, and canvas

She has worked in textile designs, including Lucknow Chickenkari, Varanasi block print designs, Dhaka design, Punjab Fulkari, Jaipur Tie & Dye, and Batik. She is also well known for her expertise in designing and painting on Daco-patch. Graphic design on Zinc sheets, for block printing and Roll designs for the textile industry.

Vandana Ji also has many years of experience in pottery, wood carving, sculptures using terracotta, and other soft materials. Has conducted many exhibitions, more recently in Chennai and Tirupur.

She is a master artist when it comes to Indian Folk Art, she has experience in many different folk arts and crafts, including Madhubani, Kalamkari, Meenakari, Warli, Pichwai, Kalighat, Gond, Mandana, Rajasthani miniature, Kerala mural, Lippan, Nirmal, Pattachitra, Tanjore and more.

Ms. Harvinder Kaur

A passionate art lover since her childhood, coached and mentored by her mother in her early days. Harvinder is an art consultant and museum designer. She is working in the field of art for over 12 years.

She loves to work with children and emerging artist. As an art consultant, she has curated more than 26 exhibitions and given a platform to over 400 young artists. Harvinder is known for her women and children exhibitions.

Harvinder founded Sacred Roots Foundation to promote the traditional was of Indian Folk Art. Watching junior artists create beautiful artworks, motivates her to look at the brighter side of the current tough situation due to pandemic.

Public Voting

Further, Panel of Judges will also be taking into account the public votes for every qualified artworks into consideration. Public voting will be open from 1st October 2021



Indian Folk Artist will be competing in any of the below five Indian Folk Art Categories, these includes folk arts from the five regions of India, such as North, East, South, West and Central region. Please see list of suggested Indian Folk Arts in the below section

IIFAG is inviting children, amateur and professional artist to participate in the five categories of Indian Folk Arts. To register and submit, Click here


₹600 for First Artwork, ₹275 for second artwork

From each artist group, one winner will be selected from each of these five categories. Further, the highest ranking artist in the competition from each artist group will be awarded “Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021”. All winners will receive a Gold medal, cash prize, along with a certificate of recognition, free personal online gallery as “featured artist“.


  1. Indian Folk Art – Southern region
  2. Indian Folk Art – Northern region
  3. Indian Folk Art – Central region
  4. Indian Folk Art – Eastern region
  5. Indian Folk Art – Western region


  1. Group A: Children’s group: Age 12 and below
  2. Group B: Children’s group: Age 13 and 18
  3. Group C: Amateur Artist
  4. Group D: Professional Artist

Enrolment for Lok Kala Ratna Award 2021, International Indian Folk Art competition is open from 15th August to 30th September 2021. Winners will be announced on 14th Nov 2021

We hope to provide a fair opportunity to all Indian Folk Artists and a platform to showcase their talent and be recognized in the world, as the “World’s Best Indian Folk Artist, 2021”

All the very best to all the participating artists !

With best wishes,

Senthil Vel

Founder and Indian Folk Art Promoter

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