Meet Mr. Ajit Kumar Swain, Secretary General, Dedicated To People

Mr. Ajit Kumar, is passionate about Indian Folk Art. As Secretary General, Dedicated To People he and his organisation is working hard in the development of rural craft & craftsmanship, providing employment to uneducated, economically backward youths.  Supporting women empowerment and rural tourism. The artists create beautiful art forms like Pattachitra, Tassar paintings & palm leaf engraving, stoles, saree paintings. […]
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Tips to setup an amazing art gallery: Presenting your artwork

Your artwork is the main story, so take your time to create a memorable experience for the art collectors Prepare the location and best timing to take picture Take few clicks, straight, long and close up Its best to use soft natural light (no shadows or direct sunlight) We need sharp images, use tripod (avoid any shakes or blurry images) […]
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